MATWAB; Multi-Antenna Technologies for Wireless Access and Backhaul

Startdatum 2012-01-01
Slutdatum Projektet är avslutat: 2014-12-31

In this project, we investigate the potential of two emerging technologies in the area of wireless communications. More specifically, we explore the concept of large-scale (or massive) MIMO systems which are anticipated to deploy base-stations with hundreds of low-power antennas. In parallel, we investigate heterogeneous networks in which base stations are densified to meet the growing data traffic demands. Among others, the project aims to develop fundamental theory and novel techniques for robust wireless backhauling, interference mitigation and channel modeling.

This is a CHASE project.

Chalmers (Signalbehandling och Kommunikationssystem, Institutionen för Signaler och system), Ericsson AB och Qamcom AB.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: ti 14 mar 2017.