Hantering av konfigurationsregler

Startdatum 2009-01-01
Slutdatum Projektet är avslutat: 2014-12-31

​Beskrivning endast på engelska:

A configurable product platform is an efficient way to handle a wide range of product variation and offering and at the same time utilize a limited number of parts and components. To manage this in the different processes in the company, the product documentation is managed through a PDM system. However, when the variation of the product offering increases over time, the situation for the engineer, becomes more and more complex when doing product changes, despite the support from the PDM system.

Projektledare: Johan Malmqvist

Mer om projektet (engelska)

​The purposes of this project are to understand what is driving increasing documentation complexity, and to create tools and strategies to reduce it in order to make engineering documentation more efficient. The project will investigate the way in which the product definition information is organized and managed across the product lifecycle, including the main business processes, Product Development, Sales-to-Order, Order-to-Delivery, and Delivery-to-Repurchase.

The project addressed the following research questions:

  1. What is a good set of configuration rules and how should it be structured?
  2. What is an efficient process for formulating/using/maintaining the configuration rules?
  3. How can the documentation of configuration rules be improved?
  4. How can the system support for formulating/using/maintaining configuration rules be improved?

Wingquist Laboratory Vinn Excellence Center
Systems engineering & PLM
Volvo 3P
Volvo Cars
Emerson Rosemount Tank Radar


Konfigurering, PDM, PLM


​Johan Malmqvist, johan.malmkvist@chalmers.se

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