Chalmers styrkeområde Transport – finansiering 2016


Project application to Horizon 2020-project EDGE.

Continuation of the project “Route planning with respect to structural response – consequences on ETA and environmental impact (emissions)”.

Continuation of the project “Safe and efficient Shipping in Arctic waters” together with Shanghai Jiao Tong university.

Continue to cooperate with the Swedish Shipowners’ Association and Swedish ship owners to make Swedish shipping more energy-efficient shipping by route optimization (ETA and logistics are important) and vessel performance monitoring.

How to protect cargo and crew from external threats and dangerous goods in naval and commercial vessels.

Arrangements of workshops/seminars/ member of scientific committees, etc. Assignment in editorial boards.

Project: Marine Traffic model (agent-based simulations and analysis of marine traffic planning)

Development of a simulation tool of a ship’s full energy system which will enable energy analysis (or emission analysis) of ships on arbitrary ship routes during variable seastate and weather conditions.

Environmental systems assessment: LCA and LCC, material utilization and selection of appropriate material considering structural integrity and environmental concerns together. Applied on composite materials in marine structures.

Risk analyses and safety assessment.

Analysis of operational limits for composite marine structures.

Degradation and maintenance of surface coatings on marine structures for corrosion protection.

Startdatum 2016-01-01
Slutdatum Projektet är avslutat: 2016-12-31

Sidansvarig Publicerad: on 28 nov 2018.