Hamed Jamshidi


My project is numerical and experimental investigation of hydro power generators cooling with supervision of Håkan Nillson and co-supervision of Valery Chernoray. The hydro power companies spend a large amount of money on maintenance of their generators. The deterioration of the generator components , to a large extent, is assigned to the temperature loads that arise when the generator is operated intermittently. The cause of the deterioration may also be due to insufficient or uneven cooling. Air flow through the generator is used to control the temprature. The losses associated with the air cooling are however responsible for a substantial amount of the total generator losses. When the periphery speed is high the ventilation losses may amount to as much as half of the total loss. Thus a more effective ventilation system would make the generator more efficient.

The main objective of the project is to from a fluid mechanical and heat transfer points of view and create conditions to reduce machine damage and efficiency losses that can be related to poor/ineffective cooling. The main process of this project consists of numerical simulation especially with OpenFOAM and experimental investigation.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: må 21 dec 2015.