Tahereh Abad

Forskare vid institutionen för mikroteknologi och nanovetenskap, avdelningen tillämpad kvantfysik

Tahereh Abad is a researcher in Göran Johansson's group in the Applied Quantum Physics Laboratory at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience-MC2. She works on the theoretical projects for Sweden's first quantum computer within the Wallenberg Center for Quantum Technology. Her research focuses on modeling and optimal control of qubit-based superconducting quantum computers, and continuous-variable quantum information with superconducting circuits.
She obtained her PhD in 2019 from Sharif University of Technology in Iran under the supervision of Vahid Karimipour. During her PhD., she has undertaken a one-year exchange program in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Aarhus University, supervised by Klaus Mølmer. She mainly worked on macroscopic quantum superposition, entanglement, and quantum correlations.

Sidansvarig Publicerad: on 19 okt 2022.