Zoran Konkoli

Docent, Mikroteknologi och Nanovetenskap, Elektronikmaterial och system

​TRUCE Summer School Malaga 2015

The topics listed below are constantly on offer (first to the cookie gets it). You are more than welcome to come and discuss the possibilities. I prefer to see the student first before deciding what exactly is going to be done. This practise turned out to be very productive in the past. I could (almost) always tailor a project so that it fits the student’s skills and, most importantly, his/her level of ambition/interest.

All thesis suggestions are theoretical. However, there will always be a strong network of experimentalists to interact with, should you desire to do so. I cannot promise experimental work, however.

The topics on offer are as follows:
(1) Investigate expressive power of a few selected models of unconventional computation
(2) Investigate possibilities of using reservoir computing for sensing
(3) Investigate computing capacity of reaction-diffusion systems
(4) Investigate bare-bone programming language and ways of optimizing it
(5) Investigate dynamics of memristor networks for information processing purposes
(6) Investigate reservoir computing for time series data classification
My contact information can be found on these pages few clicks away.

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