Dimitrios Nikas

Doktorand på avdelningen för Konstruktionsmaterial, Institutionen för industri- och materialvetenskap

Dimitris Nikas works with the mechanical behaviour of engineering metals used in wheel and rail materials. His focus is in experimental characterisation of the deformation behaviour in high temperature and its relation to microstructure and strain rate to predict the behaviour in actual working conditions. Dimitris is also interested in multi-axial loading experiments with compressive loads that simulate the wheel-rail contact conditions more accurately. Industrial benefits of this work include decreased maintenance costs and increased reliability of railways.
​MTT085 – Engineering Materials, Optical microscopy  Lab assistant

MMK073 – Materials and manufacturing technology – Optical microscopy  Lab assistant

MMK082 – Materials characterization and failure analysis, Project assistant

MTT046 – Metal Processing - Casting, Forming & Joining – Project assistant

Publicerad: on 07 jun 2017.