MSA650 Linjära mixade modeller för longitudinella data7,5 hp

This course is an introduction to the area of mixed models which has become a necessary tool for treating real life situations with e.g. random effects, correlated observations and missing data. The emphasis is on longitudinal data and on how to use SAS and R to analyse mixed models. The course deals with the following topics:
  • Exploratory Data Analysis,
  • Estimation of the Marginal Model, Inference for the Marginal Model,
  • Inference for the Random Effects,
  • Fitting Linear Mixed Models with SAS, General Guidelines for Model Building,
  • Exploring Serial Correlation, Local Influence for the Linear Mixed Model ,
  • The Heterogeneity Model, Conditional Linear Mixed Models,
  • Exploring Incomplete Data, Joint Modeling of Measurements and Missingness,
  • Simple Missing Data Methods, Selection Models,
  • Pattern-Mixture Models, Sensitivity Analysis for Selection Models,
  • The Expectation-Maximization Algorithm, Design Considerations, Case Studies.
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