MVEX01-18-05 Optimal control of drugs in the mathematical model of dynamics of a tumour-immune system

The goal of this project is development of the optimization method for the solution of a parameter identification problem for system of ordinary differential equations (ODE) which describes dynamics of a tumour-immune system with chemotherapeutic as well as immunotherapeutic drugs. We will use mathematical model (5)-(6) of [1] in order to minimize the Tikhonov functional (7) of [1] (link to PDF-file). Algorithm for the solution of the problem should be formulated and numerically tested in Matlab on simulated data. If the obtained results of this project will be successful we expect collaboration with Infection Biology Group at University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona/Spain ​and Institute of Immunobiology, Kantonal Hopsital, St. Gallen/Switzerland in order to test algorithm on experimental data.

Obs! För GU-studenter räknas projektet som ett projekt i Tillämpad Matematik (MMG900/MMG920).​

[1] ​​S. Sharma, G. P. Samantha, Analysis of the Dynamics of a TumorImmune System with Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy and Quadratic Optimal Control, Differ. Eq. Dyn. Syst., Springer, 24(2), pp. 149-171, 2016. DOI 10.1007/s12591-015-0250-1. [PDF-file​]

Projektkod MVEX01-18-05
Gruppstorlek 3-4
Handledare Larisa Beilina, 031-7725367 ,
Examinator Maria Roginskaya, Marina Axelson-Fisk
Institution Matematiska vetenskaper​ 

Sidansvarig Publicerad: må 13 nov 2017.