MVEX01-16-12 Multi-type birth-death models for within-host infections

The aim of this study is to understand, further develop, and analyse a relatively simple stochastic population model suggested in recent paper Cao et al (2015). The model is build in the framework of multi-type branching processes distinguishing among 1+K+M types of particles. The first type of particles are viruses hosted by a few host cells and surrounded by a large number of target cells. The other types describe the host cells at different stages, namely K and M are the numbers of latent and infectious stages of the host cells.

The central characteristic of interest is the probability of extinction. In your every day life such an outcome corresponds to the frequent occasions when a group of viruses enter your body without making you sick.

Obs! För GU-studenter räknas projektet som ett projekt i Matematisk Statistik (MSG900/MSG910).
Projektkod MVEX01-16-12
Gruppstorlek 3-4
Handledare Prof. Serik Sagitov, 031-7725351 ,
Examinator Maria Roginskaya
Institution Matematiska vetenskaper

Sidansvarig Publicerad: ti 08 jan 2019.