Statistical climatology

7.5 ECTS 

Will be given during the 1st quarter (Sep-Oct 2014)
(7 weeks, 1 time a week, 28 hours total)

Short description: This is a case-based course, meaning that the students will work in groups on a few scientific problems. The groups will be selected by the instructor to ensure that each group has a variety of different expertise.  Background material will be available on the web, and the groups will attempt to come up with solutions together. Each case will take about 2-3 weeks. Different cases will be presented to the class by the groups in different ways, such as papers, oral presentations, posters, or web pages. 

Examples of possible cases are 
- estimating daily mean temperature and 
- connecting sea level change to temperature and temperature change using climate models, and  
- projecting sea level rise in the future 
- estimating the uncertainty in rankings