Ph.D Courses 2014/15

The information below is tentative and under continuous updating (Johan Tykesson)

All year 2014/15

Autumn 2014, 1st half
Autumn 2014, 2nd half
Spring 2015, 1st half
  • Gaussian Markov random fields (David Bolin)
  • Case Control Analysis (Olle Nerman and Vera Lisovskaja)
Spring 2015, 2nd half
  • Weak Convergence (Serik Sagitov)​
  • Some aspects of nonparametric estimation theory​ (Ildar Ibragimov). Minicourse with lectures on 24th, 25th, 30th of march and 1st of april. All lectures between 10-11.45 in room MVL:14.

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