Interacting Particle Systems

Kursens poäng (högskolepoäng, hp) 7,5
Kursen ges normalt Not on a regular basis
Tillhör forskarskola Matematik
Tillhör institution Matematiska vetenskaper
Kursstart 2011-03-21
Kursens slutdatum 2011-05-20
Jeff Steif
This course will give an introduction to the area of interacting particle systems (IPS) by studying a few specific models which have been of interest for quite some time. IPS are Markov processes which govern systems describing the evolution of infinitely many agents (or particles) which can be in a finite number of different states. The state space describing the system is uncountable which allows for new phenomena which cannot arise in countable state situations. The Markov evolution is specified by elementary simple "local" rules and yet interesting "global" phenomena such as phase transitions occur. Two of the models we will study are the contact process and the voter model.
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Publicerad: ti 29 jan 2013.