Industrial Perspectives on Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

Course higher education credits 7,5
Course is normally given Period 4. Course first taught 2013
Graduate school Mathematics
Department Mathematical Sciences
Course start 2013-03-18
Course end 2013-05-17
Contact information
Marija Cvijovic,
Course description
The course offers a unique opportunity to learn how the latest techniques developed in the field are bringing us step closer to medical application and what are the potential bottlenecks that are preventing us to fully exploit research developed within academia and apply it in industry.
By giving successful examples from both industry and academia students will be introduced to the field of systems medicine and single cell sequencing and its application in development of new therapeutics. Topics to be covered during the course are: Systems Medicine, Personalized Medicine, Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), NGS and Singe Cell Sequencing.
A special one-week module will focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship offering examples on how to utilize your own research and start thinking towards innovation potentials.
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Publicerad: on 17 apr 2013.