Hilbert space methods for PDEs

Kursens poäng (högskolepoäng, hp) 7,5hp
Kursen ges normalt Not a regular course
Tillhör forskarskola Matematik
Tillhör institution Matematiska vetenskaper
Kursstart 2011-12-05
Kursens slutdatum 2012-03-09
Grigori Rozenblioum, grigori@chalmers.se
First, we discuss Sobolev spaces and embedding theorems, and then consider solvability questions and solutions properties for main types of linear partial differential differential equations (not only the second order ones). We also consider quasi-linear equations as well as the fundamentals of finite elements method. The exposition is more advanced than the regular PDE course, it is based upon Functional Analysis and Distributions Theory courses, but those who did not take these courses yet, will survive. So, Master level students are welcome as well.

Publicerad: ti 29 jan 2013.