FMVE140 Morphometrics

Kursens poäng (högskolepoäng, hp) 7.5 credits
Kursen ges normalt Only once
Tillhör forskarskola
Tillhör institution Matematiska vetenskaper
Kursstart 2008-09-02
Kursens slutdatum 2008-10-22
Morphometrics is a field that has a long history and has changed drastically over the last years due to the overwhelming amount of (3D) anatomical data, and the availability of fast computers.

I plan to give a graduate course open to both theoretically inclined students and to more experiment oriented students. There will be common lectures twice a week in period 1 in the fall, but the assignments will be divided into two categories: one more theoretical and the other more applied.
There are two different text-book suggestions: Geometric Morphometrics for Biologists, Zelditch et al, 2004; and Morphometric Tools for Landmark Data, F. Bookstein, 1991

Publicerad: ti 29 jan 2013.