Lediga examensarbeten vid Industri- och materialvetenskap

If any information is missing in the thesis proposal, please contact Vice head of department Lars Almefelt.


​18 Sep 2019 Efficiency increasement in Virtual Commissioning
​17 Sep 2019 Mechanical behavior of continuous fiber reinforced polymer baseball bats
​3 June 2019 Silent Moto - CAD Construction and Drawings
​3 June 2019 Silent Moto - FEM analysis
​3 June 2019 Silent Moto - Geometry
​3 June 2019 Silent Moto - User interface
​8 March 2019 Micromeso scale modeling of wedge-shaped kink band formation in composites
​8 March 2019 Material model development for trapped rubber processing
​8 Jan 2019 Enriched functional modelling software to assess automotive system architectures
​8 Jan 2019 Development of a portable microwave system for medical applications
​13 Dec 2018 Efficient automotive solutions
​12 Dec 2018 Handling of mechanical drawings
​6 Dec 2018 ​3D scanning/printing of triathlon bike for performance improvement
​6 Dec 2018 Assessment of alternative technologies for satellite electric
​5 Dec 2018 Automatic design implementing machine learning strategies for satellite components
​5 Dec 2018
Modelling of 3D printing and AM powders using the Discrete Element Method
​3 Dec 2018 Photocatalysis for water and air treatment
​3 Dec 2018 From ocean plastics to boats
​3 Dec 2018 A collaborative digital platform enabling design using additive manufacturing
​6 Nov 2018 ​Mechanical Assessment of Future Aircraft Engines and its Impact on Component Loads
​6 Nov 2018 Crystalline Nanocellulose Composite for Non-Load Bearing Applications
​1 Nov 2018 Topologioptimering av dynamiskt belastade strukturer
​31 Oct 2018 Investigating vibration and damping characteristics of short fiber bio-composites
​31 Oct 2018 Multi-scale modeling of the mechanical behavior of Short Fiber Reinforced Bio-composites via orientation averaging (SFRB_2)
​31 Oct 2018 Multi-scale modeling of the mechanical behavior of Short Fiber Reinforced Bio-composites via computational homogenization (SFRB_1)
​30 Oct 2018 Plastics in Radar Process Connections
​30 Oct 2018 Quantifying lateral movement during normal drive and evaluating
​23 Oct 2018 Steering towards olympic gold: - stiffer, lighter, stronger
​22 Oct 2018 Additive Manufacturing of Tool Steels at different preheating temperatures
​18 Oct 2018 STENA Refrigerator Recycling
​16 Oct 2018 Powder Recycling Accelerated Degradation of 3D-Printing Ti-6Al-4V Components for Aerospace Application
​2 Oct 2018 Sustainable Manufacturing: Machining Fluid – From Mineral Oil to Vegetable Oil
​25 Sep 2018 Argon porosity in Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V and/or IN718 parts
​25 Sep 2018 Additive Manufacturing to produce mold inserts for injection molds
​25 Sep 2018 ​Additive Manufacturing of jigs and fixtures
​25 Sep 2018 ​Ultra-light weight design through Additive Manufacturing
​25 Sep 2018 3D printing and material optimization for Direct Metal Deposition process
​25 Sep 2018 ​Additive Manufacturing and Post Processing of Surface Textures
​24 Sep 2018 Utvärdering och vidareutveckling av exoskelett för undertaksmontörer
​24 Sep 2018 ​Oförstörande provning för mätning av föreningszon hos nitrokarburerade stål
​4 May 2018 Compilation of environmental contaminants from contents of burned enclosures
​6 April 2018 Optimisation of furniture materials for fire safety and circularity

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