Projektförslag för kandidatarbete inom inst. Kemi och kemiteknik och Biologi och bioteknik


Solar-to-Fuels Research: Charge Transfer studies of [Fe(TMA)]-CNQD, a hybrid catalyst designed for CO2-to-CO reduction using visible light


Avdelningen för Kemi och biokemi, Institutionen för Kemi och kemiteknik, Chalmers tekniska högskola 



Sustainable resource use and energy from renewable sources are key research areas for a sustainable future. In this project we investigate how we can use the sun to create fuels.



Identifying charge transfer characteristics between quantum-dots (sensitiser) and an iron-based catalyst using visible light.  


Project Description:

Over the course of this project, the student will investigate the charge-transfer (CT) processes of a hybrid catalytic system capable of CO2-to-CO reduction (a 2e- process) using visible light (>400 nm). The interplay between the iron catalyst, carbon-nitride sensitiser (electron-donor-acceptor complex) and sacrificial electron donor (SEDs) remains poorly understood despite its importance in driving the photocatalytic cycle. Excitation of these entities can be achieved using a xenon lamp or series of monochromatic LEDs to induce CT events, which can be subsequently monitored spectroscopically (UV-vis and Cyclic voltammetry). Using this approach we hope to learn in detail how each component contributes to any CT events. In addition, the student may be expected to prepare and synthesis any required materials.


Speciella förkunskapskrav: N/A


Möjlig målgrupp: K, Kf


Gruppstorlek: 4-6 studenter 


Förslagsställare/kontaktperson/huvudhandledare: Liam Mistry

Övriga handledare: Maria Abrahamsson


Sidansvarig Publicerad: må 15 nov 2021.