Catalytic emission control

  • Kurskod: FKBT035
  • ECTS-poäng: 7,5
  • Institution: KEMI OCH KEMITEKNIK
  • Periodicitet: Every second year
  • Undervisningsspråk: Kursen kommer att ges på engelska
The scope of course is to give an understanding of catalysis and an overview of catalytic techniques used for emission control. The lectures cover to following topics: i) fundamental processes important for heterogeneous catalysis, ii) experimental techniques used in catalysis research, iii) modelling of catalysis at different time and length scales and iv) examples of activities at the catalysis research frontier.

Examination: Home exercises, laboratory exercises and a mini-project (literature study).
Henrik Grönbeck
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Henrik Grönbeck, email:, phone: +46 (0)31 772 29 63
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Kemigården 4


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