Application to summer course “ACE135 - Dare to build, architects” 7.5 Credits

This is the application page for the course ACE135 - Dare to build, architects, that will be running in this summer 2021 between 7th June – 9th July.

A video presentation about the Dare to Build course, including the exciting project for this year and the process behind it was presented in an information meeting on the 12th April, available as a recording in the following link:

Please send any questions to and and we will address them within the team.

The team:
Chalmers ACE: Shea Hagy, Effrosyni Roussou (acting project manager), Emilio Brandao (examiner for ACE135), Angela Sasic
Other teachers involved: Yutaka Goto, Tabita Nilsson, Peter Lindblom
Göteborgs Stad: Samuel Carvalho

Sidansvarig Publicerad: fr 14 maj 2021.