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Pedagogic support for new PhD students

  • Kurskod: FTME175
  • ECTS-poäng: 1,5
  • Periodicitet: The course is normally given: Every study period, when there are participants.
  • Undervisningsspråk: Kursen kommer att ges på engelska

The course will be given in English or Swedish, depending on the participants.

Learning objectives
After completion of the course, participant will be able to support his/her students to learn in a more effective way. Participant will also be aware of what factors influence the contact with the audience/students.


The plan:
The course consists of two parts:
- Meetings where we discuss and practise how to support  our students in a better way
- The PhD student will be visited by the course leader in class and will afterwards be given feedback


Duration of the course:
3 group meetings, 2 hours each time. 3-6 PhD students in one group.

The contents of the course will be adapted to participant¿s previous experience. Items to be chosen from are:
- my personal teaching hints
- stage fright
- cultural differences
- technical equipment
- speech including practical training
- body language and voice
- question technique

In order to be granted 1.5 credit units, participant is requested to 
- participate at each meeting and  
- make a report at the end of the course.


Handouts will be distributed during the course

Course leader Barbro Ludvigson. Phone: 0303/77 04 63, 0706/39 04 63. Mail: Examiner: Alf-Erik Almstedt (
Mer information
Barbro Ludvigson Phone: 0303/77 04 63, 0706/39 04 63. E-mail:

Publicerad: on 23 aug 2017.