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Key themes in Science and Technology Studies

  • Kurskod: FTME002
  • ECTS-poäng: 7,5
  • Forskarskola: Teknikens ekonomi och organisation
  • Periodicitet:
  • Undervisningsspråk: Kursen kommer att ges på engelska
  • Nordic Five Tech (N5T): Kursen är kostnadsfri för doktorander från N5T-universitet
The course is given in spring 2021

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The teaching and learning activities take place in three workshops running over two days, from lunchtime to lunchtime. Workshop activities include lectures, seminars and practical exercises.

Outline of the workshops

Workshop 1: Infrastructure and New Materialism, 16-17 March, lunch to lunch.
The workshop comprises a mix of introductory lectures on scientific infrastructures and associated topics, and critical interrogation of anthropocentric assumptions, as well as contributions by the participants. Prepare for the workshop by reading the course literature for the "Infrastructure and New Materialism" theme and reflect on what the debates could contribute to your PhD project.

Workshop 2: Controversy and Symmetry, 15-16 April, lunch to lunch.
The workshop is organised as a mix of introductory lectures to theories about symmetry, and topical debates about the relationship of lay-persons and expertise, as well as active contributions by the participants. The required preparation before the workshop is to read the course literature for the "Controversy and Symmetry" theme and be ready to make a short presentation of an ongoing, scientific controversy, according to instructions to be published later.

Workshop 3: Hybridity and Co-production, 17-18 May, lunch to lunch.
The workshop is organised as a mix of introductory lectures to the theme and active contributions of the participants. Preparations required before the workshop: read the course literature for the "Hybridity and Co-production" theme and prepare a 15-minute presentation of your PhD project. In your presentation, you are expected to explain how "hybridity" and "co-production" are relevant, or could be made relevant, concepts in your research.
The extensive reading list (to be announced in January 2021) will equip participants to engage in incisive analysis of the themes highlighted in the workshop sessions. Examples of topics that will be addressed are: public participation, digitalisation, citizen science and knowing subjects.
Catharina Landström and teachers from the STS Division at TME and Gothenburg University
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