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Biopolymers and biocomposites

  • Kurskod: FKBT180
  • ECTS-poäng: 7,5
  • Institution: KEMI OCH KEMITEKNIK
  • Forskarskola: Materialvetenskap
  • Periodicitet: Every year
  • Undervisningsspråk: Kursen kommer att ges på engelska
The aim of this course is for the students to gain knowledge of biopolymers and biocomposites which are used as structural materials. The intention of this course is to bridge gap between biology, physics and chemistry and therefor this course is suitable for chemists, biologists and material scientists. In the course we present biologist's analysis of structural material of organisms, using molecular biology as astarting point. We will explore the chemical structure of biopolymers, illustrating how they composition determine mechanical properties of the materials in which they occur - including skin, artery, plant tissue, stiff composites such as insect cuticle and wood, and biological ceramics such as teeth, bone and egg-shell. Finally we will discuss with students how the design from nature with biomimicry can be applied in developing new ""intelligent"" materials.
Course can be taken at masters level or at graduate student level.

Application information
Application is made by sending an email to Paul Gatenholm.
J. Vincent. Structural Biomaterials
Professor Paul Gatenholm
Mer information
Professor Paul Gatenholm, email:, phone: +46 31 772 34 07
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Polymer Technology, Kemivägen 4

Sidansvarig Publicerad: on 10 feb 2021.