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Polymer chemistry and physics

  • Kurskod: FKBT120
  • ECTS-poäng: 7,5
  • Institution: KEMI OCH KEMITEKNIK
  • Forskarskola: Materialvetenskap
  • Periodicitet: Every year
  • Undervisningsspråk: Kursen kommer att ges på engelska
In general the lectures follow the outline of the course literature. The lecture themes are as follows:
Introduction and basic principles
Polymer synthesis (step-growth, radical, ionic, coordination and co-polymerization)
Polymers in solution
Molar mass determination
Structure determination
The crystalline state
The amorphous state
Mechanical and dielectric properties
The elastomeric state
Structure - property relations
Electrically conducting polymers
Reactions of polymers and polymer degradation

The tutorials deal with important themes presented in the lectures. The laboratory assignments start with the synthesis of two different polymers which are analyzed in the following sessions using SEC, DMA, DSC and NMR. The lab course ends with a lab seminar where the results are discussed.

Application information
Application is made by sending an email to Mats Andersson.
J.M.G. Cowie: Polymers: Chemistry & Physics of Modern Materials (Third edition).
Professor Mats Andersson
Mer information
Professor Mats Andersson, email:, phone: +46 31 772 34 01
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Polymer Technology, Kemivägen 4

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