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Learning in digital media

  • Kurskod: FCIU020
  • ECTS-poäng: 3,0
  • Periodicitet: Course dates: Course dates, spring 2016: 3, 17 February, 2 March, 13 April, 4 May 2016 (Wednesdays) 15 April (Wednesday) 6 May (Wednesday)
  • Undervisningsspråk: Kursen kommer att ges på engelska
As knowledge, learning processes and pedagogical development in higher education become more and more related to new mediation - digital media  - teachers will have to adjust their traditional role and become designers of learning experiences and learning environments.
The aim of this module is to introduce participants to the opportunities and challenges involved in using digital media to create an effective and stimulating learning environment. During the course so called blended learning is practiced which means that both traditional communication face-to-face but also virtual communication is used meeting in Chalmers learning platform and in a web conference system. The mutual communication during the course - both face-to-face and virtually is a great importance.
In this course participants carry out an individual projekt. The projekt is of participants' own choice but it should concern use of digital media to create stimulating learning environments or good learning experiences/possibilities in some way for students, colleagues, project members etc. During the course participants learn to use certain digital media by practicing and by reflecting on the pedagogical aims and implications with using these media, and how teaching and the students learning is effected. A selection of learning resources are in offered, suggested, in the course.
In addition participants own literature search is demanded. The course participants will be required to present their individual projects both as a written report in Chalmers learning platform and orally.
It is expected that participants in this course have a web camera and a headset/microphone in order to be able to join meetings in the web conference system used.
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Elisabeth Saalman, PhD, Senior Lecturer E-mail: Telephone: 031-772 8579, mobile 073 079 4256
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Publicerad: on 23 aug 2017.