Vetenskapligt arbete

Modal shift to Short Sea Shipping from a transport purchasing perspective
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Transport Efficiency: Analysing the Transport Service Triad
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Working paper "Organising the Transport Service Triad"
Eriksson, V. (2018), 24 maj 2018, Nordic Workshop on Supplier relationships, Trondheim, Norge.

The transport service triad: a key unit of analysis.
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Organising logistics and transport activities in construction
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Environmental considerations when purchasing transport services: A Comparison between Swedish and French Shippers
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Variety in freight transport service procurement approaches

Klas Hedvall, Anna Dubois, Frida Lind
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Towards environmentally sustainable freight transport - Shipper´s logistics actions to improve load factor performance
Vendela Santén.
Avhandling med disputation 9 november 2016.

Environmental concerns when purchasing freight transport
Sara  Rogerson
Avhandling med disputation 24 oktober 2016

Transport service procurement – initial findings and a research agenda (2016)

Dan Andersson, Anna Dubois, Arni Halldorsson, Klas Hedvall, Kajsa Hulthén, Mats Johansson, Sara Rogerson, Viktoria Sundquist, Linda Styhre
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Variety in freight transport service procurement approaches (2016)
Klas Hedvall, Frida Lind, Anna Dubois
Proceedings of the 14th World Conference on Transport Research, 10-15 July 2016, Shanghai, Kina​

Transport as a loosely coupled system: Implication for research and practice (2016)
Anna Dubois, Kajsa Hulthén
Proceedings of the 14th World Conference on Transport Research, 10-15 July 2016, Shanghai, Kina

Variety in transport service settings and the conditions for vehicle maintenance (2015)
Klas Hedvall, Anna Dubois, Frida Lind
Conference paper presented at 31st Annual IMP Conference, August 25-26 2015, Kolding, Denmark

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Sara Rogerson, Mats Johansson, Dan Andersson
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Triads at the interface between supply networks and logistics service networks (2014)
Dan Andersson, Anna Dubois, Anne-Maria Holma, Kajsa Hulthén
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Environmental considerations and trade-offs in purchasing of Transportation services (2014)
Catrin Lammgård, Dan Andersson
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Purchasing of transport services - A survey among major Swedish shippers (2013)
Catrin Lammgård, Dan Andersson, Linda Styhre 
NOFOMA Conferens, Göteborg 3-5 June

Environmental considerations when buying transport services - a review of empirical evidence (2013)
Catrin Lammgård, Maria Björklund, Mats I Johansson
Proceedings of the 22nd IPSERA Conference, March 24-27, Nantes, France

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