Advanced Prediction of Earth and Climate through Big Science, Big Data and Big Computing
- a GoCAS thematic program, August 23-October 5, 2018

Public lectures:
Fuqing Zhang: Data-Model Integration & Uncertainty Quantification for Earth & Climate Systems, 13 september
Soroosh Sorooshian, University of California Irvine: Climate Variability and The Global Hydrologic Cycle: Monitoring, Modeling, and Change Prediction, 17 september
Kerry Emanuel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Climate Change and Climate Risk, 20 september
Jean Jouzel: Water isotopes from pole to pole: what do we learn from paleodata?, 24 september
Lonnie Thompson: Glacier Archives from the Tropics to the Poles as Recorders and Indicators of Climate Change, 24 september
Örjan Gustafsson: Thawing permafrost and light-absorbing aerosols: two grand challenges for climate research in the Arctic and the Third Pole, 24 september
Katarina Gårdfeldt: A short overview of the Swedish polar research, 24 september
Ruby Leung, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Global Warming and Extreme Events, 1 oktober

Workshop: Interplay between parental care and sexual selection
26 februari-3 mars

GoCAS Seminar
Dr Gustavo Requena, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil: "What can we learn from weird creatures' behaviours?”, 23 februari 2017, Abstract

GoCAS, Analysis and Probability Seminar
Adam Rennie, University of Wollongong: Continuum models for topological insulators, 5 december 2017. Abstract

GoCAS and Mathematical Sciences Seminar
Adam Rennie, University of Wollongong: A mathematical view of the quantum Hall effect, 22 november 2017. Abstract

Existential risk to humanity
- a GoCAS thematic program, 1 september-31 oktober, 2017 
Public lecture:
Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute, University of Oxford: Near misses, quasi-stationary distributions, and the probability of nuclear war, 26 september. Abstract

GoCAS Seminar
Professor Tao An, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory: The initiatives of building an SKA regional center in Shanghai, 16 augusti
Where Geometry meets Number Theory
- a conference in honour of the 60th birthday of Per Salberger, 17-19 juli 2017

Photosyntetic response to a changing environment
- towards sustainable energy production, 5-6 juli 2017 SEB Photosynthesis Gothenburg 2A.pdf

Morphology meets Physiology: a Tribute to Pierre Laurent, 30 juni-1 juli 2017

GoCAS Seminars
Andrew Fletcher, Newcastle University: Magnetic fields in the multi-phase interstellar medium, Institutionen för rymd-, geo- och miljövetenskap, 20 juni
Andrew Fletcher, Newcastle University: How filamentary is that filament? 3D morphology of a random field from its 2D image, 21 juni

Origin of Biodiversity
- a cross-disciplinary thematic program on genome evolution and speciation, 3 april-9 juni 2017

21st NORDAN conference in Complex Analysis, 19-21 maj 2017

GoCAS, Analysis and Probability Seminar
Eero Saksman, University of Helsinki: On Gaussian multiplicative chaos and the Riemann zeta function, 23 mars 2017, Abstract

GoCAS seminar
W. M. C. Sameera, Hokkaido University: Computational studies on the reactivity, selectivity, and photophysical properties of transition, 16 mars 2017, Abstract abstract-gotheburg.pdf

GoCAS mini course
Yingkun Li: Hilbert modular forms and arithmetic applications. 23 november, 24 november och 1 december 2016

GoCAS colloquium
Emmanuel Kowalski (ETH Zürich): A geometric interpretation of some additive problems for primes, 25 november 2016

N3-days V, conference of the Nordic Number Theory Network
Speakers: Ulrich Derenthal (Leibniz Universität Hannover), Lars Hesselholt (University of Copenhagen), Emmanuel Kowalski (ETH), Yingkun Li (Darmstadt), Simon Rydin Myerson (UCL), Sho Tanimoto (University of Copenhagen), Jeanine Van Order (Universität Bielefeld), Maryna Viazovska (Humboldt University of Berlin), 25-26 november 2016

Workshop: Regional climate dynamics over Asia with a focus on Tibet

14-15 november 2016, program: Workshop on regional climate model and reanalysis with a focus on Tibet20161102.pdf

Nordenskjöld Lecture
Prof. Fuqing Zhang, Department of Meteorology and Department of Statistics, Pennsylvania State University: Predictability and dynamics of weather and climate at the regional scale, 11 november 2016

Taking the next step in Svalbard snow research – Phase II
9-11 november 2016, Dept. Earth Science, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

GoCAS Colloquium: Yingkun Li
Mock theta functions and Modularity, 13 oktober 2016

Joint GoCAS Seminar and Analysis Seminar, Hong-Quan Li, (Fudan University, Shanghai) Some problems of analysis on manifolds, 4 oktober 2016

Joint GoCAS Seminar and CAM Seminar: Raphael Kruse, (TU Berlin och GoCAS guest researcher)
Statistics meets numerics: What do we gain from the randomization of deterministic problems?, 14 september 2016

GoCAS Popular Science Lecture: On the role of Mathematical research in scientific discovery
Talare är Fima Klebaner, Chair of Statistics, Monash University, Australien, 5 september 2016

GoCAS- och matematikkollokvium med Pär Kurlberg
Nodal length statistics for arithmetic random waves,
18 augusti 2016

Workshop in Number Theory and Dynamics
18-19 augusti 2016, Matematiska vetenskaper

GoCAS Popular Science Seminar: Origins of Habitable Planets
Talare är Leonardo Testi, European Southern Observatory som är "chair professor" på Chalmers, 3 juni 2016

Forskningsprogram Origins of Habitable Planets
Under sex veckor samlas forskare inom fysik, kemi, astronomi, geologi och teknik i Göteborg med ett gemensamt mål: att öka vår förståelse om hur planeter som kan hysa liv formas, 2 maj-10 juni 2016 

GoCAS-seminarium med Shalom Lappin, Filosofi, lingvistik och vetenskapsteori, och Devdatt Dubhashi, Data- och informationsteknik: AI Dangers: Imagined and Real, 11 maj 2016
AI-Dangers_Part_1.pdf   AI-Dangers_Part_2.pdf

GoCAS-seminarium med Olle Häggström, Matematiska vetenskaper och Björn Sandén, Energi och miljö: Here Be Dragons: Science, Technology and the Future of Humanity, 11 februari 2016

N3-days III, 4-5 december
Talare: Jan Hendrik Bruinier (Technical University of Darmstadt), Pietro Corvaja (University of Udine), Gerard Freixas i Montplet (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu - Paris VI), Terry Gannon (University of Alberta), Harald Andrés Helfgott (Göttingen University), Jürg Kramer (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Fabien Mehdi Pazuki (University of Copenhagen).

Gemensamt GoCAS-, matematik- och fysikkollokvium: Terry Gannon, University of Alberta: Modular forms and almost-nice vertex operator algebras, 4 december 2015

GoCAS-seminarium med Christoph Dürr, Pierre and Marie University (Paris 6): Introduction to online algorithms and the multi-level aggregation problem, 30 november 2015

Centre Day 2015, 12 november
The Centre Day is the final event to bring together VINN-Excellence- and Berzelii Centres which join Swedish universities, research institutes and industry in research and innovation. The VINN-Excellence and Berzelii Centres are soon coming to an end after ten years of operation and it is now time to summarise and look on the future.

International workshop on Many-body phenomena in graphene, 26-27 oktober
The continuing trend to miniaturization of devices in modern technology reaches the fundamental physical limits of current materials. The search for novel structures with new functionalities has brought graphene into the focus of research.

Seminarium med Anton Chyrkin
: Oxide scales for protection of NiCrAl-base alloy: from protectiveness to “breakaway” oxidation, 10 september 2015

Invigning av Centrum för grundläggande vetenskaper, 5 maj 2015

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