Soft Matter Physics TIF015


Soft Matter Physics is a course given within the masters programs Applied Physics and Physics of Matter, Material and Biological Systems. It is open for students from Chalmers, Göteborg University or graduate students. If you are interested in the physics of matter all around us and how the macroscopic properties can be tuned, this is the place to be. For more information about the course please contact:

Aleksandar Matic                                       
tel: 5176                                                
room: S2046                                      

Student representatives HT2013

SALETTI DAVID              


The aim of this course is to provide a foundation for understanding the properties and behaviour of soft matter. The course provides core competence for students aiming at either a career in science or in R&D-industry. It is also a base for more specialized courses in soft matter physics and chemistry in the masters and graduate programs, e.g. Amorphous materials, Self-assembly structures, Liquid-Crystals or Colloidal Chemistry.

The course focuses on the structure and dynamics of soft matter, universal behaviour, scaling concepts, phase transitions and transport properties. The main covered topics:
- An overview of soft materials (polymers, gels, colloids, etc)
- Concepts of soft matter
- Length and time scales for structure and dynamics of soft matter
- Phase transitions
- Experimental and computational tools

There will be lectures, problem solving classes and guest seminar holders from research as well as industry. The examination is in form of a a written exam.

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