From research to applicable opportunities

An important cornerstone for all traffic safety research is knowledge of real traffic environments. SAFER shall profile itself in this area by research projects within accidentology and field operational tests. Many counterparties within SAFER have extensive experience of traffic research and accident databases and SAFER is home to Chalmers’ accident and incidents investigation group.

Other cornerstones are research concerning models, both physical and virtual, regarding accidents, incidents and injury mechanisms and human behaviour. These areas are of great interest to the different partners who contribute with different experiences and front edge competence into the centre.

Applications and technologies for moving from basic understanding to real countermeasures are gathered within SAFER in the areas of mechanical engineering, computer science, vehicle electronics, communication, man – machine interaction, interactive design, to mention some. Projects are targeting concepts and system solutions and their effectiveness while actual applications in specific vehicles usually are the concern of a specific partners own R&D.

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“The focused efforts and the multidisciplinary access to the depths and broadness of Chalmers as well as all external partners are SAFER’s greatest strengths.”

Karin Markides, former President, Chalmers University of Technology

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