Cooperative driving according to Scoop

Assad Alam, Fredrik Asplund, Sagar M. Behere, Mattias Björk, Liliana Garcia Alonso, Farzad Khaksari, Altamash Khan, Joakim Kjellberg, Kuo-Yun Liang, Rickard Lyberger, Jonas Mårtensson, John-Olof Nilsson, Henrik Pettersson, Simon Pettersson, Elin Stålklinga, Dennis Sundman, Dave Zachariah

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Project Report GCDC 21-4-2011

KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Scania are entering the GCDC 2011 under the name Scoop – Stockholm Cooperative Driving. This paper is an introduction to their team and to the technical approach they are using in their prototype system for GCDC 2011.

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Pre-Crash Safety

CoACT - Cooperative Autonomous Car Train (A25)
GCDC - Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (A16)


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