More than 600 SAFER project publications have been produced since the start of SAFER in 2006. Most of them can be found here on the SAFER website, which is updated continuously.

There is one folder for each reference group (Pre-Crash, Crash, Post-Crash and Traffic Safety Analysis) and if you click on one (to the left) you will find all the different project publications listed first by year and then by title in alphabetical order.

Each publication has its own page and when clicking on a specific publication you can to get more information (author, year, where it was published, publication type, which project and reference group it belongs to etc.).

Abstracts are available for all publications as well as links to either fulltexts (if available) or more information. Publications from both SAFER own and SAFER associated projects have been listed (if a project is associated it will show on the specific publication page, at the bottom of the page after the project name).

The publications are listed by title and not by author, but it is nevertheless possible to search for publications by a specific author by using the “SEARCH” field in the upper right corner.

This page is updated regularly as information about new publications come in.


Except for the project publications, on this website you can also find all Research Thesis, Evaluation Reports, Annual Reports, the SAFER Brochure and Other publications (to the left).

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