Four areas, different perspectives,
towards the same goals

Research is conducted in four areas: Pre-Crash, Crash, Post-Crash and Traffic Safety Analysis. Projects are created with the help of reference groups for each area and include representatives from SAFER’s all partners. Each area is host to a mix of projects; previously established by other parties, newly established projects and ideas for possible future projects. Six strategic Focus Areas set the priorities for the research areas.

For all SAFER projects, pre-studies and associated projects a short description as well as information about partners, project period, funder(s) and project manager is provided (to the left, divided into respective project portfolio).

SAFER research areas and project portfolios:

SAFER Project Portfolios

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“We have a strong tradition in crash safety in Sweden, but we need to place an equally strong focus on accident avoidance research.”

Jan Olsson, former Vice President Research, Autoliv

European Road Safety Charter

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