Successful platooning demonstration

2012-11-30 by Lisa Knutsson
Last Friday November 23rd, SAFER invited journalists and stakeholders to Stora Holm for a platooning demonstration. The interest was high and resulted among other things in an extensive article in Göteborgs-Posten last Saturday.

CoAct platooning demonstration

 - It went great and all five demonstration scenarios were well performed. Two trucks and two cars with three different communication systems from Chalmers, KTH and Linköping University managed to communicate. The drivers did not touch the gas and brake pedals, but only the steering wheel. The initiative to invest in a platform for cooperative systems at SAFER that started for just over two years ago has now grown into a program for students at several universities in Sweden, similar to Formula Student. Fun!, summarizes Lisa Knutsson, communications officer at SAFER. The project leader Jonas Didoff from Viktoria Institute and SAFER was also very satisfied.

The program/project is called CoAct, and Chalmers has made a short film about their work. PhD student Naga Vishnukanth Irukulapati explains. Watch it here >>

Pictures from the platooning demonstration >>

Link to the press invitation >>

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