SAFER celebrated 10 years - and partners approved the Stage 4 agreement

2016-04-18 by Lisa Knutsson
On April 5, over 100 happy people celebrated SAFER being a successful competence centre for ten years. Partners, stakeholders, collaborators, key people, alumni, neighbours, fans and friends cheered to SAFER turning ten years and for the start of the centre's fourth stage. The agreement was approved by the partners at the Shareholders meeting the same day.


Strawberries, snacks, truffles, posters with success stories, and balloons filled the entrance of SAFER.
Mats Viberg, Vice President at Chalmers, started off on the stage by saying:
– Chalmers will continue to support SAFER in the future as it is one of Chalmers’ largest, most successful, and important centres. SAFER has played an important role in gathering and strengthening the traffic safety research at Chalmers and marketing it internationally. I am glad the name was changed from GVSCC to SAFER, and that the name now is known worldwide.

Principles that have grown to be the key to success
Karin Svensson, chairperson in the SAFER board, reflected upon the principles that SAFER is based on.
–Three of the principles that have grown to be the keys to success as I see it are: the diversity, the engaged and dedicated individuals, and the common goal of improving vehicle and traffic safety.

She explains:
– Diversity as the source of creativity – SAFER brings different perspectives, partners and disciplines together and can achieve something that each partner could not have done on their own. Collaborative innovation driven by the participants– it is the individuals working at SAFER that makes the difference as they are actively involved in shaping the activities, projects, structures and physical environment. A higher purpose that unites the participants. The SAFER vision gathers the actors to join forces to actually make a difference and  this requires a collective effort. I will continue to chair the board in the next stage and look forward to the hard but fun work of shaping SAFER’s future.


The SAFER values are leading the way
SAFER’s director Anna Nilsson-Ehle described the initial work with creating SAFERs values and brand:
– What was the spirit? What should SAFER stand for? Humbly we decided to become world-class actors in an interdisciplinary network with a passion to make a difference – borderless research to save lives - that should be us! SAFER should add an extra dimension. We should be trustful, serious, and open to ideas but also playful, give freedom and space for curiosity and different perspectives.

Stories of success
17 significant Success Stories have been written, each condensed to one page. The stories exemplify the value of SAFER through all types of results. They highlight the impact SAFER has made on society and the benefits to SAFER's partners.  At the celebration, 17 experts and researchers condensed the stories into snapshots, one minute each, an impressive and appreciated task! Posters with the full stories, NDS bikes and the Revere model in the entrance increased the visibility of SAFER activities.

Impressive facts
These 17 success stories are good examples but not all that SAFER has achieved. In total SAFER has during the first 10 years published over 600 publications, started 240 projects, held some 250 weekly internal Thursday seminars involving some 440 speakers from both SAFER partners and national/international researchers, and organised 110 external SAFER Seminars. Since 2009, eight conferences, whereof four during 2015, have been hosted and organised by SAFER.
– Today we are 315 “key people” (people with keys to the SAFER office) but in total we estimate that since 2006 at least twice that figure have been active key people at SAFER, said Anna Nilsson-Ehle. And for the safety of night walkers and bikers - 5000 reflectors with the SAFER name on are spread around the globe as simple but life-saving gifts.

Anna Nilsson-Ehle ends the presentations on stage:
– A big thank you to the presenters today and a big thanks to all of you that have contributed during these ten years. Together we have made SAFER a viable meeting place and - hopefully - the world a somewhat safer place! Let’s move on into stage four – there is more to be done!

Stage 4 covers three years, from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2019.

Last modified: April 18, 2016


"In order to retain our global competence we need to collaborate with the best researchers."

Ingrid Skogsmo, former Vice President of Volvo Group’s strategy department

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