SAFER was given attention at ESV in Detroit

2017-06-12 by Malin Persson
SAFER participated in the 25th International Technical Conference on Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV) in Detroit, US; June 5-8.

Knowledge sharing at its best at the SAFER booth.

At the event several papers from SAFER's researchers were presented successfully. The SAFER booth was well attended with many fruitful discussions and knowledge sharing. About 1000 persons attended the event. One of the highlights on the conference was the award ceremony in which three SAFER researchers received two prestigious NHTSA awards Safety Engineering Excellence (Magdalena Lindman and Ola Boström) and one NHTSA award for Special Appreciation (Per Lenhoff). Congratulations!

Per Lenhoff and Magdalena Lindman received the awards from the US Government.

Per Lenhoff was awarded the Special Award for Appreciation.

SAFER's booth at the ESV conference.

SAFER's partners were displayed on the event.

Many interesting presentations were given on the event and SAFER's researchers successfully presented several papers.

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