Management Groups

The operative leadership consists of a director and a management group. The management group consists of director, reference group leaders, communications officer, controller/financial officer and programme manager. Research cooperation including project development is accomplished within each of the four research areas Pre-Crash, Crash, Post-Crash and Traffic Safety Analysis, with a responsible reference group leader and a reference group in each area. Through the reference groups, active researchers (university, industry, institute, public authority) cooperate for an innovative research environment.

Management Group (LG)

The Management Group consists of:

  • Anna Nilsson-Ehle, director of SAFER
  • Christian Grante, reference group leader Pre-Crash
  • Lotta Jakobsson, reference group leader Crash
  • Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, reference group leader Post-Crash
  • Vacant, reference group leader Traffic Safety Analysis
  • Malin Persson, Communications Manager
  • Kristina Lindblom, Controller
  • Daniela Michael, Programme Manager


  • The director is chairman of the Management Group
  • Members are appointed by the Board
  • Monitors and leads program development in relation to plans
  • Monitors the research development of approved projects
  • Supports the Board in project portfolio management
  • Discusses the needs, initiates development of new initiatives as a part of operations
  • Prepares Board meetings and board issues
  • Coordinates the Reference Groups
  • Meetings are held every other week


Extended Management Group (SLG)

The Extended Management Group consists of the Management Group and Competence Area Leaders:

  • Christian Berger, AstaZero Research Council, University of Gothenburg/Chalmers
  • Cristofer Englund, Viktoria Swedish ICT
  • Martin Fagerström, Department of Applied Mechanics, Chalmers
  • Helena Gellerman, area manager Field Operational Test, SAFER
  • Bengt Jacobson, Department of Applied Mechanics, Chalmers
  • Jan Jacobson, SP
  • MariAnne Karlsson, Department of Product and Production Development, Chalmers
  • Lena Nilsson, VTI
  • Hans Norin, Department of Applied Mechanics, Chalmers
  • Erik Ström, Department of Signal and Systems, Chalmers
  • Mats Svensson, Department of Applied Mechanics, Chalmers
  • Trent Victor, Volvo Car Corporation
  • Nicole Kringos, KTH
  • Jac Wismans, guest researcher at Chalmers and SAFER

Competence area leaders and reference group leaders are employed by a SAFER partner and approved by the SAFER Board. The common task is to develop the SAFER research environment and ensure project relevance and scientific quality. Meetings are held monthly.

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“In certain areas, the SAFER partners are already respected internationally for excellence within the field of vehicle safety. By creating SAFER, all involved enhance their ability to further develop safety technologies for the future.”

Jan-Eric Sundgren, Senior Vice President, Volvo Group

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