A Board with industrial majority (including the chairperson) has the strategic responsibilities. The annual Shareholders meeting consisting of the participating partners will propose members of the Board.

Members of the Board


Jan Andersson VTI
Ola Boström Autoliv Development
Sinisa Krajnovic Chalmers University of Technology
Maria Krafft Swedish Transport Administration
Malin Ekholm Volvo Car Corporation
Per Lövsund Chalmers University of Technology
Jan Jacobson RISE
Magnus Rilbe AB Volvo
Jan Smith IT University/Chalmers University of Technology
Karin Svensson (Chairperson) AB Volvo
Eric Wallgren (Adjunct) VINNOVA 

The Board

  • Has the overall strategic responsibility of the Centre.
  • Monitors the project portfolio.
  • Decides on the start of projects and courses.
  • May request project initiation from the Reference groups in areas not covered by present project portfolio.
  • Appoints Operating manager.
  • Members, from the Partnership with industrial majority including the chairperson, will be nominated by the Shareholders meeting.
  • The Chairperson and Board members are formally appointed by the president of Chalmers.
  • Reports to the Shareholders meeting.


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“In certain areas, the SAFER partners are already respected internationally for excellence within the field of vehicle safety. By creating SAFER, all involved enhance their ability to further develop safety technologies for the future.”

Jan-Eric Sundgren, Senior Vice President, Volvo Group

European Road Safety Charter

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