Research for traffic and vehicle safety

SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers is a competence centre using competence from 32 partners from academia, industry and public organisations. Our vision: SAFER provides excellent inter-disciplinary research, innovation and collaboration to secure close to zero accidents and injuries in traffic and enable Sweden to hold global leadership in the new paradigm where traffic safety is a key factor for implementing a sustainable, connected automated traffic system.

Research at SAFER spans a broad base, covering several disciplines and encompassing both traffic and vehicle safety in real environments. The centre’s activities engage the very elite in the field of traffic safety, and the results contribute to increasing the competitive advantages of the centre’s partner companies and organisations.

Chalmers University of Technology hosts the centre. By using the multidisciplinary scientific competence available within the centre, we will make it a hub for excellence within the field of vehicle and traffic safety.

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“In certain areas, the SAFER partners are already respected internationally for excellence within the field of vehicle safety. By creating SAFER, all involved enhance their ability to further develop safety technologies for the future.”

Jan-Eric Sundgren, Senior Vice President, Volvo Group

European Road Safety Charter

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