The Department of Product and Production Development, PPU, is specialized in development methodology and conceptual analysis focusing on both the whole and its parts. Our primary competences are in the areas of

  • Design & Human Factors
  • Product Development
  • Production Systems

and in the interplay between these.

Research at the Department is devoted largely to finding methods and tools for shortening the time from needs to finished products while also creating added value for the customer.
By approaching problems in a structured manner with new tools for information handling, simulation and analysis, we support all aspects of the product realization process.
We identify customer needs and design technical solutions with regard to both function and performance as well as ergonomics and aesthetics.
We develop disturbance-secure production systems with a well-balanced combination of automated and human resources that yields maximum productivity.
The interplay between people and technology is a constant theme in these activities.

Our methods are general and our collaborating partners therefore belong to many different fields. The automotive and mechanical engineering industries are among our major clients, but we also conduct projects in areas such as dental biomedicine, telecommunications, transport and communication, process and food industries. We work closely with our partners and thus have good knowledge of numerous industrial processes.

Our research is reflected in our courses of undergraduate and research education, where we teach and train methods and tools that support both analytical and synthetic work. The Department is organized in three divisions: Design, Product Development, and Production Systems.

Last modified: February 19, 2010


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