Product development

Product development The research at the product development division is directed towards

  • Systems Engineering and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Robust Design and Variation Simulation
  • Machine Elements

The research group “Systems Engineering & PLM"

The group studies the design process and its participants in order to understand the problems and needs of product developing organisations. This knowledge is transformed into better work procedures, design methods and computer-based tools.


The research group “Robust Design and Variation Simulation”

Geometry-related quality problems are often discovered too late in the product realization cycle. More efforts must therefore be made in early concept phases to virtually verify product and production concepts with respect to geometrical variation. The mission of the research group “Robust Design & Variation Simulation” is to develop new methods and IT support to virtually verify the whole product geometry in early design stages.


The research group “Machine Elements”

This group deals with modelling and optimization of components and machines in industrial applications. The aim is to obtain well-functioning, competitive products. The research is thus problem-oriented, interdisciplinary and focused on customer value.

Simulation, optimization and real-time control of processes and crushing plants for rock material production are of particular interest. The objective is to produce rock material products in a cost-efficient and resource-economical way, thereby contributing to a sustainable society. The work of the research group involves developing algorithms, operator interfaces, and simulation and optimization techniques for optimal operation with an augmented degree of usage.


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