Design & Human Factors

The division of Design & Human Factors carries out research about the relationship between humans and technology in a wide sense, for the purpose of contributing to more user-centred technology development. One, important theme is development and evaluation of methods and tools in order to identify and handle user needs and requirements. It is important to identify requirements early in the design process; at the same time, methods and tools must be cost-effective and able to handle the complex relationship between humans and technology. Secondly, the successful and competitive design of technical products and systems must be achieved with regard for users' physical and cognitive conditions, emotional aspects, etc.

The research tries to identify the initial conditions of a design problem and how technical solutions can meet the requirements that are set. From a competitive perspective, the new requirements that are set on technical products and systems also require a collaboration between new competencies, e.g. between ergonomists, engineers and designers.

A third theme is therefore the communication and cooperation between different actors in the design process.


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