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The Department has two subjects of research education:
"Product and Production Development" and "Human - Technology - Design".

Product and Production Development includes

  • development of working approaches, methods and tools for the creation and construction of products, as well as techniques for integration and rationalization of the product development process


  • development of models, methods and tools for modelling, simulation, visualization and design of product systems


Human - Technology - Design includes

  • development of knowledge about the relationships between humans, technology, and design in broad respects


  • knowledge of processes, methods and tools regarding how requirements on the design of products and production systems can be identified and communicated, as well as how different design solutions can be evaluated


  • knowledge about design of products and systems that is based partly on individuals’ physical, cognitive and emotional preconditions, and partly on semantic and aesthetic aspects.

The Department’s research education is conducted in two research schools, with the same names as its two subjects: "Product and Production Development" and “Human - Technology - Design". Every doctoral candidate at the Department is affiliated with one of the two research schools. In many cases the student is also connected with some national research school, e.g. ProViking for which the Department is mainly responsible today.
Overall responsibility for the research education is held by the Deputy Head of Department:

Deputy Head of Department: Hans Johannesson
Department of Product and Production Development / Division of Design
Phone: 031 - 772 1108

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