Polymeric materials

Course higher education credits 7,5
Course is normally given Autumn
Graduate school Materials Science
Department Materials and Manufacturing Technology
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Aim and goals: There is a rather wide variety of polymers (or plastics) ranging from simple homopolymers to more complex systems like copolymers and polymer blends. The properties and thus the potential applications of the different polymers are strongly connected to their physical and chemical structure as well as the chosen processing technique. A proper material selection certainly warrants a general but also a deeper understanding of the structural parameters and their interactions determining the properties of the different polymers. 

After taking part in the course, the student should have a working knowledge of the general properties of a number of important polymers or polymeric systems, have an overall view on how structural characteristics affect or govern the performance of polymeric materials, appreciate the limitations and possibilities of using polymers and possess the basis for making an adequate material selection for a given application. 

Content of the course: Each session will be based on one or two specific polymer groups. 

Course organisation: Each student will be assigned a specific polymer group and will present this group during the session. In addition, a written report on the assigned topic should be distributed before the session. The report should not exceed five type-written pages. Another student is assigned to lead a discussion on the same polymeric system, i. e. prepare suitable questions for the discussion. The other students should prepare themselves before each session by reading the appropriate chapter in the book (or similar). Sessions are planned every two weeks (can be adjusted). 

Course literature: In principle, it is up to the group to find the appropriate literature, but it is expected that J. A. Brydson, Plastics Materials, Butterworth- Heinemannn, Oxford, UK, will constitute the backbone of the course. 

Requirements on previous knowledge: Students should have background in polymers equivalent to the courses MTT020 Materialteknik, del B, M and MPM080 Engineering polymers. 

Time schedule and examination: The course will take place during the autumn 2010 starting September1. The detailed schedule and polymers to be covered will be agreed upon during the first lecture. The form of examination will also be discussed.

Teachers and examiners: Mikael Rigdahl and Antal Boldizar, Materials and Manufacturing Technology

Language: English

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