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The Metal Cutting Research and Development Centre (MCR) is a national centre of excellence in Machining Technology and serves as a natural link and a collaborative partner for Swedish industry in its development of high-quality, low-cost manufacturing.

The MCR research centre focuses on the machining of materials. Companies are linked to MCR as business members and in exchange for member fees, they gain the benefit of cutting-edge research in their field, information about new processing techniques, as well as continuing education that is custom-tailored to their businesses.

The purpose of the research conducted at MCR is to invent new methods and products that provide a better environment, lower energy consumption and a sustainable development for the future. The operational area of the Centre spans the departments of Materials and Manufacturing Technology and Applied Mechanics. Linked to the basic research conducted within these departments, MCR develops leading-edge expertise in such fields as the realisation of functional surfaces by means of machining, the machining of advanced and composite materials, in addition to the modelling of machining and material behaviour during the machining process. MCR participates and provides a leadership role in projects financed by the Manufacturing Engineering Research Area (MERA) programme, in addition to receiving direct financial support from its business members.

For information about Metal Cutting Research and Development Centre, MCR, please contact the director:

Hans-Börje Oskarson
Phone +46 31 772 5027

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