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ProViking background

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research has decided to support research through the ProViking programme in the area of product realization (product development, manufacturing, product support and maintenance in a life-cycle perspective) to the amount of SEK150 million over 5 years. Support to an equal amount from other sources, mainly participating industries and universities, is assumed. The main focus is on industry with manufacturing and/or development, operating in Sweden. The foundation also decided to fund a National Graduate Research School with a total of SEK 30 million during the five- year period 2003 - 2008.

Sweden has a long tradition as a nation with a strong manufacturing industry that has the ability to develop advanced system products with challenging demands for product development, production and customer support. Holistic views and system thinking are the distinguishing features of this ability. We are now experiencing extensive global changes, which mean new challenges if Swedish manufacturing industry is to strengthen its position and its competitiveness.

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ProViking and the future

Due to the success of ProViking and the need in Swedish industry the Board of the Foundation decided in October 2007 to prolong the programme for another six years, 2008-2013, to the amount of SEK 210 million.

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