Gulliver 8


Based on 1:8 scale radio controlled vehicles, the Gulliver 8 model has accurate and fast localization that is based on PulsON® 410 RCM, which allows MicaZ motes to coordinate driving through intersections and lane changes. A mini-ITX board provides advance capabilities, such as remote programming of main functionalities, remote control and route replay. In addition, the vehicle includes two pairs of on-board distance sensors for crash avoidance functionalities.






Gulliver 1/8 scale 2012

Gulliver 5


This 1:5 scaled vehicle was designed and built by Krister Wolff and Mattias Wahde from the Adaptive Systems research group. In this video two basic test scenarios are demonstrated, using the scaled test track (STT) in the intelligent vehicles and robots lab (IVRL).