Dissemination and Demonstration

The final demonstration of the KARYON EU project included the following videos: Intersection Crossing,
Vehicular Platooning and Cooperative Lane Change. The demonstration integrates different KARYON’s concepts results, such as level of service, safety kernel, and cooperative level of service evaluator.


 Coordinated Intersection Crossing



 Adaptive Cruise Control/Vehicular Platooning



Chalmers dissemination activity of the Gulliver testbed during the science festival 2013 (Vetenskapsfestivalen). Young scientists and engineering enthusiasts were included among the audience. The presentation discusses problems and solutions related to the Gulliver testbed.



During a meeting of the KARYON European project held in Chalmers (Gothenburg, Sweden), the Gulliver team made a demonstration of the Gulliver testbed of miniature vehicles, where the vehicles follow a predefined path while coordinating among them to avoid collisions. Three videos illustrating three different scenarios were prepared and you can watch them here:


 Virtual traffic light scenario




Coordinated Lane Change




Adaptive Cruise Control



During a project course, a group of students have proposed to use Gulliver for bridging between physical and digital simulation of traffic system. They proposed a cyber-physical platform that combines road traffic simulation, network simulation and physical miniature vehicles to facilitate extensive testing. Their design integrates simulated and physical miniature vehicles into a common environment.