Carolo Cup 2016

Call for Project Courses and Thesis / International Student Competition



The Gulliver project is looking for a student team to participate in the international student competition Carolo Cup 2016. The goal is to build autonomously driving miniature vehicles that

  • Follow their own lane
  • Handle right-of-way at intersections
  • Park automatically on a sideway
  • Overtake obstacles

Take our project courses and get ready to the international Carolo Cup 2014!



You are a student at Chalmers or GU and have an interest in:

  • Software development for embedded systems
  • Image processing and recognition
  • Sensor/actuator control systems
  • Robotics and hardware


  • May 15: Kick-off Meeting
  • December: Local demonstration
  • February 3 - 5, 2014: Carolo Cup competition, Germany

Organization: Division of Networks and Systems and Division of Software Engineering

Team Coordinator: Christian Berger

Framtidens bilar i miniatyr, Göteborgs Posten article, 2014-02-05.