About the project

​The Operator of the Future enables competitive Swedish production across industrial sectors. The project goal is a future Toolbox for competent individuals close to production processes. Such operators have high impact on flexibility, productivity, and quality.

Future tools are based on mobile communication, decision support, and IT, enhancing operator capability. Potential project impact is significant, as there are hundreds of thousands of operators in Swedish industry alone. The project also supports future inclusive workplaces, addressing Swedish and European employment goals of 80% and 75% respectively for ages 20-64.

Project end-users are:
Boliden, LKAB, Sandvik Coromant, Volvo Group, Astra Tech, SKF, and SAAB AB.

Systems developers are (Large/SME):
Beijer Electronics, AB Volvo, CGM, ATS, and Capee group.
Göteborg Technical College enables wide dissemination through volume training of industrial operators.
Luleå Technical Univ. and Chalmers contribute with analysis methods, interviews, labs for usability tests, and development of pilot installations. Chalmers is the project manager.

The project has four phases:

  • user needs analyses
  • sub-system development
  • system component integration
  • implementation, training and pilot installations

Work is separated into six work packages with milestones. Operator situations for process- and manufacturing industry are analysed separately, then assembled into generic toolbox solutions that are tested in lab and industrial contexts.