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Eurecca Tackles Three Key Questions for the IT Industry

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Computer systems will increasingly face challenges concerning programmability, performance, power efficiency, and reliability driven by demands of emerging IT services and applications. EuReCCA, with its associated world-class research institutions and leading companies, is committed to maintain and expand European industry leadership into new markets by cutting-edge research, education and acceleration of innovation in Computer Systems Architecture. 

What is EuReCCA

EuReCCA is a pan-European virtual center with top-class research institutions in Computer Systems Architecture (Chalmers, Barcelona Supercomputing Center / UPC, FORTH / Univ. of Crete, INRIA-IRISA-ALF, Univ. of Augsburg - SIK, Univ. of Manchester) with complementary skills cutting across computer systems layers, and highly linked to industry.

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EuReCCA Activities

EuReCCA draws on its excellence in research, education, and innovation management to maintain and expand European industry leadership in computer systems into new markets with the following activities:

  • Research in computer systems architecture spanning issues from the programming model via the run-time system to the architecture and its implementation
  • Graduate/PhD education to equip our future innovators with the right skill set to maintain leadership for European computer systems industry
  • Innovation management to accelerate the uptake of research results and ideas into new products and markets, by creating an ecosystem that, early on, defines agendas to bring innovations to the commercial marketplace.


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